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House Dust Stirs Up Problems With Asthma Drugs

If you read carefully between the lines, you can learn a lot about interesting combinations of substances at work in your body and environment that can harm your health. Case in point is a recent study that links exposure to toxic, bacteria-laden house dust with an significant risk of asthma.

The sources for these endotoxins are pretty common, if you have a family and have any number of household possessions: Pets, humidifiers and dust.

Here's the discrepancy: The worst problems were experienced by adults currently taking asthma medications exposed to high levels of bacteria-saturated dust in the bedroom. Makes you wonder if the interaction of dust with asthma drugs is the real problem...

That's why I urge you to learn more about safe and effective ways to treat your asthma safely, inexpensively and without the need for a potentially toxic drug.

Also, there's no mistaking the fact indoor air pollution -- people spend 90 percent of their days and nights inside their homes, cars and various enclosed places -- is worse for you to breath than outdoor air. In fact, some experts estimate indoor air can be up to 10 times dirtier.

Science Daily December 1, 2005

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Vol. 172, No. 11, December 1, 2005: 1371-1377

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