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Should a Stomach Ache Stop You From Exercising?

I've posted a number of studies this year about the exercise-diet conundrum, namely which one is more important when it comes to optimizing your health. A new report about weight loss programs, exercise and patients with gastrointestinal problems again shows how both work hand-in-hand to improve your health safely and effectively.

Researchers studying some 1,000 patients in three weight-loss programs discovered 77 percent suffered from some kind of gastrointestinal distress (diarrhea led the pack with 25 percent). And the more weight patients carried with them, the more gastrointestinal problems they had.

Although gastrointestinal problems can impair a patient's ability to exercise, working out alleviates those symptoms as well as increasing one's fiber intake by eating more vegetables and fruit, scientists said.

On the diet side, optimizing your health begins by learning which foods your body burns best based on your unique nutritional type. Take myfree online test to help you make the right choices for your specific body chemistry.

To succeed with exercise, think of it like a drug that must be prescribed precisely to have the biggest impact. If you need guidance on how to get started, you'll want to review my beginner's exercise page or some of the wonderful pieces by contributing editors Paul Chek and Ben Lerner.

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EurekAlert December 8, 2005

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