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Get Some Sun and Breathe Better!

With conventional medicine getting wiser about all the health benefits associated with getting the optimal amount of vitamin D every day, for example, to protect your heart and lower a man's risk of prostate cancer, it's no surprise higher amounts of it can help patients -- particularly those with respiratory problems -- breathe better.

Based on a six-year study of some 14,000 patients, those with higher levels of vitamin D had better lungs and a higher capacity for air and than people with lower levels. Vitamin D levels were higher among men, but lessened as patients gained weight or got older.

The link between vitamin D and better lungs was found in African-Americans and non-Hispanic Caucasians, and particularly strong among seniors above age 60 and, surprisingly, smokers.

With winter making an early appearance in many parts of the United States and the days growing shorter, however, getting the optimal amount of sun outdoors may not feasible where you live,. That why I recommend you take a high quality cod liver oil until early spring to boost your vitamin D levels safely.

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