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Guess Who's Joined in the Splenda Fight?

Talk about strange bedfellows, I was surprised to learn my Web site had something in common with one a group of American sugar cane and beet farmers created about a year ago: Our mutual dislike and distrust for Splenda, the harmful anything-but-sugar substitute.

Beginning this week, their site, The Truth About Splenda, began posting consumer comments about Splenda, ranging from deceptive advertising and marketing practices to the dire health consequences associated with consuming what amounts to a chlorinated artificial sweetener.

A particularly interesting area on The Truth About Splenda site: Its Fact vs. Fiction page that briefly exposes the truth about the harm this fake sweetener can do to your health and the marketing behind it.

The fact remains, sugar -- natural or otherwise -- is health-harming in so many ways, far more than you may realize.

U.S. Newswire December 15, 2005

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