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Keep Your Muscles Strong in Old Age Naturally

If you've been shying away from animal-based foods in hopes of improving your health, you're not doing your body a favor. By staying away from healthy meat and dairy products rich in the amino acid leucine -- one of protein's building blocks -- you may also speeding up muscle loss as you get older, according to a French study.

Scientists tracked the breakdown and buildup of muscle in their study of rats, both young and old, based on diet modifications. Usually, the aging process is blamed for protein breakdowns in the body. Once the diets of older rats were supplemented with leucine, however, their bodies broke down protein more slowly, just as they did when they were younger.

Based on their findings, scientists are working on new research to determine if a leucine-enriched diet has that same beneficial effect on the elderly.

This is a good time for a reminder that what you do and don't eat affects your health for good and bad. Moreover, eating a strict vegetarian diet isn't healthy for most people, especially when it doesn't match their body's unique nutritional type.

And, remember there's a big difference between eating grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef far richer in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

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