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Another Deadly Drug Pulled Off Market

An important reason, you can't trust the FDA to protect your health: The "regulated" spread of toxic drugs that can blind or even kill you. A new drug -- NeutroSpec -- joined that deadly list of banned meds after federal regulators pulled it last week.

In all, two patients died and 20 more became gravely sick minutes after being treated with NeutroSpec, a drug used to detect internal infections like appendicitis with the help of X-rays, and was approved by the FDA expressly for that purpose. And, 46 more have experienced similar, but less severe problems, according to the FDA.

As you probably expected, drugmaker Palatin Technologies had hoped they could get off free and clear merely with a warning letter it sent to doctors earlier this month, but the FDA, wisely, opted to pull it.

A factoid worth noting: Doctors have also used NeutroSpec to look at infections in bones too, and that makes me wonder if that's part of the problem here...

Just more evidence showing you just how flawed the joke that passes for conventional health care really is, and why I'm so committed to obliterating that deadly paradigm once and for all.

New York Times December 20, 2005 Registration Required

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