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Is That Lead in Your Candy?

The FDA proposed lowering the levels of lead in candy from 0.5 parts per million to 0.1 ppm for products likely to be consumed by children. Although levels are low, the presence of any lead is scary, as lead poisoning can lead to behavioral and learning problems in children and even seizures or death.

Fact is, lead cannot be eliminated altogether from candy as it's also found in sugar, one of the more harmful substances you can consume. Not to mention, sugar contributes to the the plague of obesity. What's worse, the "guidelines" for reduction (aimed primarily at certain Mexican manufacturers) are just that – guidelines -- not regulations. So enforcement will be difficult.

That's why I urge you to stay away from candy altogether, but that can be difficult, especially during this holiday season. Better to trade that sugar-laden junk for whole food desserts and eliminate processed chocolate altogether.

And, if you're searching for a safer sweet, try minimally processed dark chocolate, but only in moderation.

Yahoo News December 22, 2005

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