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Using Physics to Debunk ''Magic''

Because you know how fond I am of science, I suspect you'll enjoy reading this fascinating story about Dr. David Willey, a physics instructor at the University of Pittsburgh who has become famous for debunking extraordinary physical feats, like walking on broken glass, through simple physics principles on The Tonight Show.

The key to such tricks is all in the preparation. If you want to walk on glass, for example, it's best to use large bottles (preferably Mason jars or containers soaked in water to remove any paper labels) and be sure to smash them flat cast iron skillet.

Other magic tricks explained with basic physics principles in this awesome piece:

  • Lying on a bed of nails.
  • Breaking concrete blocks.
  • Dipping your hand in molten lead.

By the way, it's a lot safer and better for your health if you don't try out these neat physics tricks on your own in hopes of entertaining and impressing your friends. Better to send them this link, using the e-mail to a friend feature on the top right-hand corner of this page.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal

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