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It's Not Meat, But The Type of Meat and How It Is Cooked, That Causes Disease

A recent study suggests that diets high in certain white meats, like chicken -- not processed meats which have the reverse effect -- may reduce risk of colon cancer or pre-cancer polyps.

In the study, more than 1,500 patients underwent a baseline colonoscopy to remove existing polyps. The subjects were monitored after one year then again after four years. Follow-up colonoscopies indicated those who consumed more white meat were less prone to risk.

The big issue here is not the meat itself, but the kind of meat you're using and the way you prepare it. If you eat meat that is loaded with pesticides and hormones and then cook it at high temperatures you are asking for trouble. This is one reason I strive to restrict my meat choices whenever possible to grass-fed and organic meats.

I also consume the majority of my meat raw so the heterocyclic amines that form when you cook meat at high temperatures are completely eliminated.

Colorectal caner is the third most common type of non-skin cancer in men and women. The second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, it will take the lives of a staggering 57,000 people each year. Remember, cancer -- not heart disease -- has become America's top killer which is why you'll want to review my recommendations that can virtually eliminate your odds of developing colon and many other types of cancer.

Science Daily December 21, 2005

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