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Acrylamide Not Confined to Fries, Potato Chips

An interesting piece I discovered from last week's Los Angeles Times reminded me to remind you about an important fact about acrylamide, a dangerous carcinogen that forms in processed foods cooked at high temperatures: Exposure to this health-harming substance isn't confined to French fries, potato chips or meats.

Food scientists have found the presence of acrylamide in such things as breakfast cereal, coffee, bread and black olives and is present in 40 percent of the caloric intake of most Americans.

That's made some observers very skeptical California Attorney General Bill Lockyer will get very far in his recent lawsuit that would require food manufacturers and restaurants to issue warnings about the high acrylamide levels present in potato chips and French fries.

However, there are experts, including some state scientists and me, who believe the dangers of acrylamide -- once believed to be the only product of industrial waste -- is certainly worth your attention.

Los Angeles Times December 19, 2005 Registration Required

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