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Stay Away From Bad Doctors!

I've posted plenty of pages on my Web site citing many valid reasons you need to stay away from conventional medicine to treat your health. One of those frightening studies I posted earlier this year blamed health care workers for ignoring the mistakes made by their peers that can kill you.

Seems those bad habits start early for doctors and stay that way, based on the findings of a new study.

Scientists compared the unprofessional behaviors of medical school students who continued to behave badly in the workplace with graduates who were never disciplined from 1990-2003. Not surprisingly, doctors who were punished by state medical boards were three times as likely to have been disciplined while in medical school for unprofessional behavior.

So, what does unprofessional behavior encompass?

  • Poor relationships with others.
  • The inability to take criticism constructively.
  • An unreliability for following up with patients or attending clinics.

No wonder, many more patients are turning to safer, healthier means to treat the real cause of their medical problems and away from the drug-addicted paradigm that is conventional medicine.

New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 353, No. 25, December 22, 2005: 2673-2682

USA Today December 21, 2005

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