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Squeezing the Most Out of Your Day

Aside from our health, arguably, time is the most valuable personal commodity we have. And, despite what you're thinking, you do have control over your time, if you take the necessary steps to manage it better. Always looking for helpful hints on how to squeeze a few extra minutes out of my day, I came across this excellent piece on ways to become more productive that will certainly help you too.

Many of the suggestions outlined in this awesome piece are, not surprisingly, simple things practiced day upon day that become part of a productive routine so you can devote more time to people and pursuits that do matter.

So as not to spoil your reading pleasure completely, here's a sampling of some of the simple and helpful hints you'll discover:

  • Always carry a pen and paper (or something to write with and on) to make notes.
  • Talk to cheerful people.
  • Make your work fun.
  • Take care of your health by exercising, getting enough sleep and not skipping meals.

Aaron Swartz: The Weblog December 28, 2005

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