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Are You Watching Sports Instead of Playing Them?

Here's an interesting non-medical factoid that goes far toward explaining why the epidemic of obesity has grown by leaps and bounds in America, particularly over the past 30 years, that makes perfect sense to me: People like to watch sports far more than playing them. This and other similarly disheartening factoids were recently compiled in the latest Statistical Abstract about various aspects of American life collected by the U.S. Census Bureau.

It's no surprise, people are opting for staying home in front of their big screen TVs hooked up to 24/7 sports cable networks filling dead air time with reruns of "classic" sporting events, World Series of Poker tournaments and celebrity sports news. (By the way, TV viewing was up for the eighth straight year too.)

One sports sociologist offered an interesting explanation as to why adults are more interested in being spectators than participants: Adults may have taught children not to play sports if they aren't good at them, intentionally or otherwise by the way kids are treated by coaches on sports teams.

Just more proof, if you want to nip obesity in the bud, you'll want to place limits on your child's TV viewing immediately and get them moving today. I also have many resources on my Web site that can help parents get moving with an exercise plan of their own too.

Yahoo News December 21, 2005

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