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Could a Generic Zocor ''Hurt'' The Statin Market?

Last week, I told you about Pfizer dodging a bullet when its cash cow, Lipitor, was protected from the generic drug market for five more years by a federal judge. An astute look at the mega-pharmaceutical landscape in yesterday''s Chicago Tribune shows how the soon-to-be-generic status of another worthless statin drug -- Zocor -- will be a boon to the conventional drug paradigm at the end of the day.

With Zocor moving to generic status in June, this statin will cost close to half as much ($2 a pill) at the retail level. And, because one statin isn''t any better -- if not worse -- than any other, health care plans as well as pharmacies will likely be encouraging patients to use the cheaper generic instead.

Another advantage for a generic Zocor product: The looming disaster that is the Medicare drug benefit package.

Truth is, you can enjoy the same benefits you receive from a statin drug -- generic or not -- without taking one by making simple lifestyle changes which include modifying your eating habits based on your body''s unique nutritional type.

Chicago Tribune December 29, 2005 Registration Required

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