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The Word is Spreading: People Are Skipping Flu Shots

Despite all the scare tactics being used by federal health officials and some shortages, Americans may be indeed getting wiser about the toxic pharmaceutical cocktail known as the vaccine, according to a new report.

In just one example, some 30 percent of New York City patients offered flu shots refused them, according to recent surveys. That's much lower than figures collected by the CDC last year, when only 55 percent of whites and 45 percent of blacks over age 65 were vaccinated.

Interestingly, the focus of this piece is an attempt to "debunk the urban legends" that scare patients away from vaccines. Yet the most important concern -- exposing you and your children to the mercury-laden chemical thimerosal -- is saved for last and given little attention (mercury-free vaccines for children are difficult to find too).

Considering a recent investigation by the FDA into the deaths of 12 Japanese children was linked to Tamiflu, your best protection against the flu definitely isn't a drug or vaccine.

To learn more about some effective ways to protect your family from the flu without the need for a toxic drug, I urge you to read my winter flu protocol.

MSNBC December 29, 2005

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