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FDA Finally Studies Mercury in Canned Tuna

Last month, I told you about the awesome three-part report by the Chicago Tribune about the very lax federal standards governing the mercury content in the fish -- both canned and fresh -- you buy at the grocery store. Apparently, the FDA read it too...

Not surprisingly, during the last week of 2005, the FDA announced a probe, based on reports some canned ''light'' tuna -- a product sanctioned by the agency as a ''safe'' choice -- includes the yellowfin species that often contains high amounts of mercury.

It's certainly hard to avoid canned tuna with yellowfin, considering food manufacturers produce some 1.2 billion cans of light tuna annually, and only one producer (Genova) lists yellowfin on its light tuna label.

As I've said many times, fish would be a nearly perfect food -- full of protein, essential nutrients and healthy fats -- if mercury wasn't a part of the picture. If you're at all skeptical about the mercury levels in the fish you eat regularly, I strongly recommend using a terrific calculator created by GotMercury.org.

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