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Why Drink Alcohol To Cut Your Diabetes Risk?

One of the more popular topics that emerged during 2005: The dubious value of drinking alcoholic beverages for your health. A new study has linked the moderate consumption of alcohol each week (5-30 grams) to a sharply lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Because the lion"s share of type 2 diabetics are women, researchers evaluated the health of some 16,000 female patients, who had no symptoms of this dreadful disease at the start of the study. Over about six years, more than 750 women succumbed to diabetes.

Interestingly, patients who drank excessively or not at all had a much higher incidence of type 2 diabetes than those who drank no more than what amounts to three alcoholic drinks a week.

I suspect that"s a fluke -- as I pointed out in a similar study last year -- because the benefit probably comes from a component other than alcohol. In fact, I believe the alcohol contained in beverages such as red wine is poisonous and can mess up your hormonal balance.

If you want to get your diabetes under control or protect your health from it, I urge you to follow this simple three-step plan:

Yahoo News December 29, 2005

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