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Improve Your Circulation By Walking

Staying on the subject of simple treatments for serious medical conditions, walking at least three times a week can slow the progression of peripheral artery disease (PAD) significantly.

PAD is a serious condition for baby boomers and the elderly, and not only because it narrows the arteries that supply your legs with blood. As many as 12 million patients have it, but up to 75 percent of them show no symptoms. And, unfortunately, it's more prevalent among African-Americans too.

Researchers tested their regimen on more than 400 PAD patients (ages 55 and older). Close to half did little or no walking, about a third walked three times per week and the rest fell somewhere in between. Patients who walked the most -- for about 90 minutes a week -- slowed down their annual average decline in walking speed and did it longer and faster.

If losing a serious amount of weight is your goal, however, walking should only be a part of your regimen, and you need to be devoting at least 60-90 minutes to it every day.

Remember, eating the right diet, based on your body's unique nutritional type, is just as important to your optimal health as exercise.

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