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Michael Moore Drug Documentary Debuts This Fall

Michael Moore has been pretty much living under the radar since he won an Oscar for his controversial documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. After Fahrenheit 9/11 broke domestic box office records for a documentary, there was much hype in the media about Moore's next project, Sicko, his look at the state of the conventional health care industry.

But the last direct news came via a report in the Los Angeles Times more than a year ago. At least, until a business plan surfaced from a new production company backed by Bob and Harvey Weinstein that has scheduled Sicko for a September 2006 release.

The Variety report (free text link below) also noted Moore's been catching drug company salespeople with their pants down by planting cameras in the offices of doctors, once again demonstrating the common practice of marketing toxic drugs to your physician.

Hopefully, Moore's film will encourage even more folks to take firmer control of their own health, continuing the meltdown of a flawed and often fatal conventional health care paradigm.

Variety January 2, 2006

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