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Prescribing The Healing Sounds of a Harp

You know how sound -- as stressful and unpleasant as it may be -- can also provide relaxation and healing. So much so, even a simple melody emanating from a harp while you're asleep during a medical procedure can be beneficial, according to a new report.

Illinois researchers are testing the healing properties of music, based, in part, on the fascinating work of Harvard researchers that showed how the rhythms of healthy hearts may be similar to those found in classical music.

Scientists are testing their theories by playing harp music while patients are sedated. One 83-year-old patient suffering from atrial fibrillation (a fast, irregular heartbeat) certainly experienced the difference. Her heart rate slowed down and the beats maintained a regular pace while live harp music was playing in the background (by a researcher) and for minutes afterward.

Just more evidence, some of the simplest things in the world can benefit your health in profound ways, even if you aren't a fan of classical music...

Washington Times December 27, 2005

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