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Blood Pressure Rises As The Weather Gets Warmer

A few months ago, I told you about a little-known warning sign of cardiovascular problems: Blood pressure readings that don't drop at night. Seems hot weather can play tricks on the blood pressure of baby boomers and seniors who take hypertension medications too.

During warmer nights, the blood pressure of hypertensive seniors (older than age 65) tends to rise as temperatures do in the summer but drops for patients in their baby boomer years, based on an Italian study of some 6,400 people over 14 months.

Another interesting factoid: Seniors took fewer hypertension drugs on hotter days and than colder ones, but the same link wasn't true for patients under age 50.

Although some patients are so ill, taking a hypertension drug may be worth the risk, the vast majority of cases can be treated naturally and safely by making these lifestyle changes:

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