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A Better Way To Make GM Corn?

As the blight of genetically modified (GM) crops grows, I've kept a wary eye on Monsanto, the ringleader in this movement. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Agriculture gave another boost to the St. Louis-based firm earlier this week by approving its application to sell MON88017 (a formulation that can withstand rootworm pests and glyphosate herbicide) commercially.

This new product is very important to Monsanto for one reason: A new technology -- something called a transformation vector -- that allows scientists to place two different, yet desirable traits into one plant at the same time, cutting out the time-consuming process of cross-breeding.

After field testing this summer, Monsanto will determine when it will be available to farmers. In the meantime, the company is also seeking regulatory approvals in Canada and Japan, key U.S. import markets.

Considering how harmful GM foods already are to your health, imagine what a Frankenstein-like melding of genetic traits will do?

Insanity, pure and simple...

Baking Business.com January 4, 2006

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