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New Toxic Vaccine Recommendations From the CDC

I was quite alarmed after reviewing the CDC's latest "recommended" vaccine schedule for children and teens that puts a higher priority on hepatitis A and B and the recent FDA-approved meningococcal conjugate vaccines (MCV4).

The toxic rundown:

  • The CDC has recommended the hepatitis A vaccine be given universally to all babies from 12-23 months old.
  • Parents cannot delay vaccinating their children for hepatitis B, unless their doctor agrees to withhold it and a copy of the mother's hepatitis B surface antigen-negative report is included in their baby's medical records.
  • The agency now recommends MCV4 for adolescents (ages 11-12) or to all unvaccinated teens by the time they enter high school.

There's a wealth of information on my Web site that outlines the many reasons why you should think long and hard before considering vaccinating your children at all.

For example, think about the millions of infants who are given the hepatitis B vaccine -- laced with thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative -- before they leave the hospital. Then, consider the number of patients stricken by hepatitis B -- about 5,000 annually -- that pales in comparison to the devastating spread of autism.

CDC January 6, 2006

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