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More Media Outlets Are Paying Attention To Our Mission

I was delighted to hear Mercola.com had been listed in Sunday's Washington Post (free text link below) as one of the top Web sites for people looking to make positive lifestyle changes that will make a difference in their health.

The article describes the surge in Internet traffic at the start of the new year for two or three days from patients wanting to retool their dietary habits. So much so, many well known companies in the diet industry -- Weight Watchers, General Nutrition Centers and NutriSystem, to name a few -- gear up for that "peak season" with a new slate of sales and products.

If this sounds to you a lot like the planned retail chaos that ensues during the Christmas shopping season, that's exactly what it is and much of it is geared to separating you from your hard-earned cash.

Fact is, you don't have to pay anyone to show you how to optimize your health, with the array of free resources available on my Web site. If you haven't taken that first step to optimal health yet -- retooling your diet -- I urge you to take my free nutritional typing test to learn which foods your body needs most and burns best.

Since seeing is believing, you'll also want to review a variety of unsolicited comments from subscribers that describe in detail how my free eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter has turned their health around.

Washington Post January 8, 2006

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