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What is America's Fattest City?

Houston escaped the dubious distinction of being named America's fattest city in the annual list of the fittest and fattest locales compiled by Men's Fitness for the fifth time in six years, unfortunately, at the expense of my hometown!

The embarrassing reasons Chicago topped the fattest list weren't unexpected or surprising:

  • My town's addiction for TV, one of the reasons I remind you so often to turn it off.
  • The lack of exercise, exacerbated by having the survey's worst workout environment among all cities polled.
  • Based on CDC numbers, 60 percent of Illinoisans are so obese, their size threatens their health.

Folks, if you're blaming bad climate for your bad health, forget it. Besides Chicago, three of America's largest and warmest cities made the "top 10" fattest list (Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles) and two of the coldest towns (Milwaukee and Minneapolis) made the fittest list.

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