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Experts Finally Recognize The Dangers With Soy

With the number of studies regarding the harm you can do to your body by eating soy growing, it's not completely surprising conventional medicine -- in the form of the American Heart Association (AHA) -- may finally be getting it...

Based on a review of studies documenting its so-called "benefits," the AHA determined soy may not be the wonder food many believe greatly lowers cholesterol after all. As a result, the FDA may be forced to reconsider allowing manufacturers to use soy as a selling point on their food labels. Other interesting findings:

  • Isoflavones don't prevent various forms of cancer (prostate, breast or uterine).
  • Neither soy or isoflavones are useful in limiting menopause-related symptoms.
  • The jury remains out on any soy-related benefits in treating osteoporosis.

A telling quote by a noted cardiologist that speaks volumes about soy's true worth: If (patients) are radically altering their diet, where they're only eating soy in the hopes that this is going to bring their cholesterol down, they're deluding themselves.

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