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Our Nation's Fat Economy

Did you know, in 2004, Americans spent:

  • $37 billion on carbonated beverages
  • $3.9 billion on cookies ($244 million of which were Oreos)
  • $57.2 billion on meals at restaurants such as Denny's, Chili's and Outback Steakhouse
  • $6.2 billion on potato chips

Keeping those numbers in mind, you'll enjoy this first-person account that underscores the perplexing big-picture problem many of you encounter on the way toward losing weight and optimizing your health: America's economy is partly built on keeping you fat!

Simply put, "better" employment opportunities -- arguably high paying, high stress, high responsibility but less taxing (physically) jobs -- combined with "improved" food technology -- think the blight of fast food -- may have been the "biggie" combo that has ignited the world-wide obesity epidemic.

Another sector of the economy that has expanded along with the waistlines of Americans: The coffin business, with one Indiana company building them up to 52 inches wide!

Just know, you don't have to trade your health for a better job, if you're willing to make some simple lifestyle changes.

Washington Post January 22, 2006 Registration Required

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