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One of the Main Reasons I Don't Recommend The iPod

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know how much I love tech gadgets. That said, I'm no fan of the iPod, and not at all happy with the way it manages and categorizes music and data. But, for those of you who still love your iPods, you'd better keep a close eye on them, according to this cautionary piece on CNET.com (free text link below).

Besides loading and enjoying music and TV shows, people use iPods as portable and nifty-looking hard drives, capable of storing any and all things you'd archive on your PC at home and work, meaning company files, financial records and personal data I'm sure you want to keep away from others. When you lose an iPod or it gets stolen, you may be in bigger trouble than you imagined, if you use it to store important data too.

One more misuse of the iPod: A gang of Brits used their iPods to store personal information they stole from others -- bank statements, driver's licenses and credit card data -- to make loan-free purchases of sports cars.

By the way, the crooks weren't as smart as you'd think... Police found the sports cars parked in a poor London neighborhood.

CNET.com January 20, 2006

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