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Another Natural Food Fights Alzheimer's

You know resveratrol-rich grapes are an effective, natural weapon in your arsenal for fighting Alzheimer's disease. Add black currents to the list, and particularly those grown in Great Britain.

Black currants contain anthocyanins and polyphenolics, antioxidant compounds that pack a potent protective effect on neuronal cells against stressors caused by dopamine and amyloid-b, the peptide associated with Alzheimer's.

These compounds protect a patient from Alzheimer's at the cellular level early on by influencing gene expression in learning and memory that benefits cell signaling pathways and, subsequently, communication between neuronal cells, according to researchers.

By the way, black currants grown in the UK are better for you because they tend to be darker, meaning they have more potent anthocyanins. For more ways to fight Alzheimer's naturally, I urge you to review my extensive list of guidelines.

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