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The ''Experts'' Finally Get the Picture About Vitamin D

When the value of vitamin D merits a lengthy story in USA Today -- including an interview with Dr. Michael Holick -- you know it signals conventional medicine and the media are finally paying more serious attention about its many natural benefits.

Just to show you how slow the "experts" are on the uptake, my staff and I began touting vitamin D many benefits four years ago (one more reason you should subscribe to my free eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter).

As illustrated in the USA Today piece, there are differences in opinion about how much vitamin D you really need and what your best sources for it are, aside from the sun. As far as how much, optimal vitamin D levels lie in the very small range. That's why I strongly urge you to have your blood checked by a doctor right away.

The USA Today piece also lists a number of dietary sources for vitamin D -- pasteurized milk, salmon and tuna -- all of which are problematic on their own. Your best nutritional source for vitamin D during the winter months is a high quality cod liver oil.

USA Today January 30, 2006

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