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Fighting Obesity With a Balloon?

Here's the latest "weapon" conventional medicine has devised to fight the obesity epidemic, and it may be just as health-harming as gastric bypass procedures: Inserting a balloon in a patient's stomach.

If this sounds comical to you, believe me, it's not funny at all. In the hopes of reducing the quantity of food a patient eats, a doctor inserts a round, silicon balloon down a patient's throat and into the stomach. Then, the balloon is inflated with a saline solution and sits in the stomach. Six months later, the balloon is deflated and removed before the stomach has a chance to break it down. The balloon also contains methylene blue, a dye used to stain parts of the body before or during surgery.

The obesity surgeon who has performed 700 of these balloon procedures over the past six years in Italy, claims his technique allows patients to shed as much as 44 pounds over six months. However, the Italian doctor admits the weight loss is only temporary, as it does nothing to treat the real problem -- making better and safer lifestyle decisions.

By the way, the balloon procedure is being tested in this country too, despite the fact that its long-term effect on patients hasn't been determined yet.

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Yahoo News January 29, 2006

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