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Obesity, Pollution Elevate Your Heart Attack Risks

I've reminded you often contact with pollution -- even tiny amounts of it -- can be so devastating to your family's health, especially ones who haven't been born yet. The damage pollution does to your health is even worse when obesity is a factor.

Canadian researchers based their study on the direct effect pollution -- in the form of low sulfur residual oil particles less than 2.5 microns collected downstream from an Alabama power plant -- had on healthy rats as well as those bred to be obese and insulin-resistant.

On a second exposure to pollution, the arteries of the less healthy rats contracted strongly and directly, making them far more prone to cardiovascular calamities such as heart attack as compared to healthier rats, a finding that was very surprising to the lead researcher.

With the epidemic of obesity getting worse by the second along with air we breathe, it's vitally important for you to take control of your health today by making some common sense lifestyle changes, and staying away from quick-fixes like gastric bypass and useless, toxic drugs.

If you're willing to make changes and trying to decide where to begin, know this: Eating the right diet based on your body's unique nutritional type and getting the proper amount of exercise are equally important.

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