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Reduce Your Alzheimer's Risks Significantly By Challenging Your Mind

You may recall a Swedish report identified the subtle mental problems that come with Alzheimer's disease -- small reductions in memory, verbal ability and perception -- may appear as long as a decade prior to a diagnosis. One method I recommend for beating dementia -- challenging your mind -- cuts your risk by 46 percent, according to an Australian study.

Based on reviews of 22 worldwide studies involving some 29,000 patients, increasing one's brain reserve -- entailing complex mental activities like education, lifestyle pursuits and occupational complexity -- reduces one's risk of dementia and Alzheimer's significantly, even late in life.

The lead researcher explains the value of brain reserve much the same way I do about genes controlling your health in that it "is not a static property, nor is it determined by early life experiences such as the level of education, socio-economic depravation or poor nutrition. It's never too late to build brain reserve."

To learn about other natural ways to protect your mind and body from the ravages of Alzheimer's, I urge you to read my most recent article that outlines my health-affirming protocol.

EurekAlert January 25, 2006

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