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Alcohol Use Linked to More Cancers

Seems the debate over drinking alcohol for medical reasons has escalated a great deal over the past year, with the latest study touting its ability to lower your risk of diabetes. However, alcohol consumption -- in concert with smoking -- may be the cause of several cancers, according to a report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Fact is, the more you drink, the greater risk you have of cancers to the larynx, esophagus, liver, colon and breast. And cancer may be linked to lung and pancreatic cancer too.

By the numbers, "a sizeable proportion" of cancer cases can be attributed to alcohol intake throughout the world, and, in particular, eastern Asia and central and eastern Europe. The news is worse for developing countries, as almost 2 million deaths were linked to alcohol.

Nevertheless, scientists were quick to advise patients not to stop drinking completely, as they believe moderate alcohol consumption protects against cardiovascular disease. That said, I remain highly skeptical of such findings, and believe the alcohol contained in wine, beer and liquor is a neurotoxin that can poison your brain. And, the presence of alcohol can seriously harm your hormonal balance too.

Yahoo News January 30, 2006

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