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Anger Hurts You Emotionally and Physically

It's no secret strong negative emotions hurt you physically, as a number of studies have shown high levels of anger can lead to heart problems, including coronary heart disease. Incidents of anger may also dangerously elevate a patient's risk of injury dramatically, and men in particular.

Based on a study of more than 2,000 patients treated in an emergency room after falls, car accidents and other traumas, the presence of anger dramatically raised the risk of physical injury by almost a factor of eight among men!

Researchers compared the emotional state of patients just before the accidents that led to their emergency room visit, as well as the previous day. In turn, patient responses were compared to those collected in a random sampling of adults.

For women, only extreme bouts of anger and hostility triggered an increased risk of injury, but men felt it far worse. Being extremely angry raised a man's risk of injury almost eight times and even moderate anger created a spike in physical harm. Interestingly and despite the phenomena of road rage in recent years, scientists found no proof anger increased a patient's risk of being in a car accident.

Folks, there's no question stress harms your health in so many ways, inside and out. But the best treatments for negative emotions don't come in the form of a drug. Among the many natural treatments available to you, the Emotional Freedom Technique -- the energy psychology tool used in my practice daily -- is among the most effective at getting to the heart of your problem.

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