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Common Drugs That Can Duplicate Dementia Symptoms

If you read my blog regularly, I post frequent warnings about some the health-harming side effects connected to "one-stop-cures" like gastric bypass, weight-loss medications and even over-the-counter pain relievers. A recent study has finally acknowledged some dangerous side effects I posted six years ago on my Web site: The use of anticholinergic drugs may mimic the early signs of dementia.

Anticholinergic medications are often prescribed to "cure" problems such as incontinence, anxiety, stiffness and sleep problems, seemingly at the expense of one's cholinergic system, consisting of neurotransmitters that regulate much of our mental functioning, particularly related to memory, according to the lead researcher.

Of more than 350 elderly patients monitored over eight years for the study, 10 percent of them had been using anticholinergics for a while. Patients who used them generally had poorer cognitive abilities, and 85 percent were diagnosed as having mild cognitive impairment, more than twice the percentage of patients who didn't take them.

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