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Bison Herds on the Rise Mean Good News for You!

If you're curious why I recommend grass-fed bison meat as a healthy alternative to processed meats, you'll be interested in this brief history that explains why this once almost-extinct species is available today at all.

After dropping to about 1,000 some 120 years ago, some 250,000 bison live in ranches today, an incentive for ranchers to raise them for food. Mega-billionaire Ted Turner was partly responsible for raising the awareness and availability of bison through his national chain of restaurants that specialize in them.

Here's a factor that works to your health advantage when it comes to bison meat: About 50 bison are slaughtered daily for food, a raindrop in a hurricane compared with 125,000 cattle largely pumped up with antibiotics and tainted grains, leading to frightening reports of mad cow disease.

Those smaller numbers have allowed the National Bison Association to track bison from their time they're born to your dinner plate, another sign the meat you're buying is healthier and safer to eat.

The variety of Blackwing bison meats I sell in my Web store are among of the most nutritious you can eat, thanks to its proportion of protein and minerals in relation to its caloric value.

Washington Times January 31, 2006

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