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Does Sexual Chemistry Last?

Normal hormonal changes that make people sexually attractive to new partners last no more than two years, based on findings from a recent Italian study. After that passionate beginning evolves into a stable relationship, other hormones kick in and the rush to lust fades.

Researchers mapped the process by measuring the level of neutrophins in the blood of patients ranked on a "passion" scale. Those in the early stages of romance had much higher quantities of neutrophins, and women in love had increased amounts of testosterone (men didn't).

Over the course of one to two years, neutrophins are replaced by oxytocin, what researchers call "the cuddle hormone." And some scientists are concerned patients may feel the need to take hormonal supplements to stay in love and lust with their partners.

Remember taking hormones of the synthetic kind can cause all sorts of terrible health problems and aren't worth the risk. The same applies for taking a health-harming drug too.

A far safer and healthier solution: Boost your acetlycholine levels.

BBC News February 1, 2006

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