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More Drugs Resistant to the Flu

It's no big surprise, two "important" antiviral drugs -- Tamiflu and Relenza -- don't work to prevent the flu. An interesting report issued late last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed the adamantane class of drugs, considered by the "experts" the leading treatment for the flu, is just as ineffective.

For years, rimantadine and amantadine have been used by the medical establishment to fight influenza A as well as stockpiled by the government in the event of a flu pandemic, like the Avian flu crisis that never came.

The CDC issued a health alert last month when they found 91 percent of the 120 influenza virus A samples were resistant to rimantadine and amantadine. The updated JAMA report, in which more than 200 virus samples (including those tested before) were analyzed, found 92 percent were immune to both drugs.

If you're a regular reader of my daily blog, you probably weren't as blindsided by those findings as the CDC was and you're well aware how to strengthen your immune system and prevent the flu safely and naturally too.

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