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Taking a Pill To Erase the Trauma of War?

Conventional medicine is so focused on treating medical conditions with a pill -- often at the expense of a patient's health and pocketbook -- physicians overlook simpler, safer and more effective treatments that get to the root cause of the problem faster.

The latest example of this obsession: Canadian and Harvard researchers are testing propranolol, a drug that could lessen the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Small studies have shown propranolol does work in preventing the symptoms that accompany PTSD.

However, some experts, including me, don't share that one-pill-cure sentiment, especially when a safer and more effective tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) will do the job. In fact, 12 of 15 patients treated with EFT at the Naval Medical Center San Diego two years ago found relief from their PTSD symptoms, including one soldier who witnessed a young Marine committing suicide. And, my friend and colleague Gary Craig enjoyed similar success, using EFT to help six Vietnam War veterans more than a decade ago.

If you're having problems coping with traumatic events in your life, please stay away from health-harming antidepressants that don't work anyway and review my free online manual that describes how this effective energy psychology tool works to optimize your emotional health.

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