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Diabetes Dangers Double With Childhood Obesity

I've devoted a good deal of space on my Web site to articles showing you how to end the plague of obesity in your home before it has a chance to obliterate your child's health. If you still haven't taken any steps to monitor your child's TV time or get him or her off the couch and onto the nearest playground, be prepared to deal with the likelihood of obesity along with diabetes.

Based on an analysis of data from the National Survey of Children's Health, a third of the children who had diabetes were also obese. In fact, obese school-age children were more than twice as likely to have diabetes than their lighter peers, according to the lead researcher.

So grave were the findings, scientists spoke in terms of an obesity epidemic and how all that extra weight creates short- and long-term strains on our health care system, conventional and fatally flawed as it is.

One link between diabetes and obesity that's also getting more well deserved attention from scientists these days: The function of leptin.

Diabetes Care, Vol. 29, No. 2, February 2006: 420-421

Yahoo News February 6, 2006

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