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McDonald's French Fries Have More Trans Fats Than Ever Before

One of the interesting facts uncovered in the Center for Science in the Public Interest's recent probe of health-harming hospital food: McDonald's French fries are still the fattest by a long shot.

Based on the nutritional content now placed voluntarily by fast-food chains on their food packaging, McDonald's French fries jumped from six to eight grams of trans fat and total fats from 25 to 30. McDonald's posted these increases on their Web site a month ago, explaining the new numbers as improvements in their nutritional testing process to make them more accurate.

Interestingly, McDonald's cooks French fries in other countries without partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, largely because they've been reluctant to change the way they taste in America. More evidence, the promise McDonald's made to find a safer oil to rid its foods of trans fats has been long forgotten.

From a nutritional standpoint, all the chemicals contained in a single French fry may be more harmful to you than smoking a cigarette, which is why fries made my list of the five worst foods you could possibly consume.

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Yahoo News February 8, 2006

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