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People Remain Unaware of ''Unnatural'' Sugar Substitutes

Ever wonder how blind many consumers really are to the chemical origins of sugar substitutes, sucralose, aspartame and saccharine? An interesting study conducted by Shape Up America!, a non-profit obesity awareness group founded by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, shows just how deep their ignorance runs.

A big caveat right up front: One of the site's sponsors is Sweet'N Low, thus part this organization's intent with this study is to debunk safety issues regarding high intensity, unnatural sweeteners. Also, a portion of the release is devoted to reminding consumers that saccharin doesn't carry a warning label although 30 percent of Americans still believe it does. (Nevertheless, the lack of a warning label doesn't make saccharin any safer or more natural.)

The numbers, however, tell the real story:

  • 77 percent were blissfully unaware there is a safety warning on Equal packets.
  • In a testament to how well Splenda has been covertly and falsely marketed, 27 percent believe it to be a natural product.
  • Once consumers were told how sucralose is made, 43 percent of them changed their minds about it, toward the negative.

For the rest of you who may still doubt how health-harming substances like Splenda can truly be, I urge you to read my extensive list of testimonials from readers like you.

Shape Up America! February 9, 2006

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