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Ever Hear The One About Sanatoriums and Breakfast Cereals?

If the question I poised in the headline rings a bell, it should. The satirical film, The Road to Wellville, was very, very loosely based the lives of the Kellogg brothers who eventually invented sugar-laden, flaked breakfast cereals. One of the giants in processed foods as well as the leader in cereals worldwide, Kellogg celebrates its centennial anniversary this week.

Fact is, the Kellogg brothers' invention of breakfast cereal was a complete accident and intended as a replacement for the bread served to inmates at the Battle Creek (Mich.) Sanatorium.

On a less humorous note, this piece caught my attention for another health-harming reason: Kellogg now uses an oil in some of its crackers and snacks made from genetically modified soybeans -- a Monsanto product named Vistive -- that contains no trans fats or saturated fats. Superficially, it'll sound like a good move to most people, but it won't do anything for your health, much like Kellogg adding DHA to their cereals.

Remember, grains -- whole or otherwise -- aren't good for your health at all. In fact, patients, especially those who have high insulin and leptin levels, would benefit greatly from avoiding grains altogether.

Yahoo News February 12, 2006

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