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Learn Health Secrets That Can Transform Your Life

If you want to learn the health and wellness secrets that can change your life, circle April 6-8 on your calendar and act now to join me in Chicago at my 2006 Total Health & Prosperity 3-Day Conference in Chicago this spring.

During the conference, you'll learn the essentials about the most effective tools I use daily in my clinic to help you achieve higher levels of physical and emotional health and reverse crippling, chronic disease. Those tools, many of which I touch on briefly here on the blog, would be a bargain all by themselves.

What makes this conference really compelling, however, are the keys to total prosperity which will help you manage what you've learned so you can make a positive, permanent impact on your life and achieve your goals. Honestly, the tools I've learned and developed over the past three decades are nothing short of amazing, and you'll learn how to use them during the conference.

Because space is very limited to the first 500 registrants, I strongly urge you to consider attending my 2006 Total Health & Prosperity 3-Day Conference today. No doubt, it is an inexpensive investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

2006 Total Health and Prosperity 3-Day Conference April 6-8, 2006

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