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Does McDonald's Have Any Other Health-Harming Secrets They Need to Share?

Seems like stories about the health-harming concoction known as French fries have been coming out of the woodwork over the past week, particularly with revelations McDonald's fries still contain the most trans fats, by far, than any other, despite long-forgotten promises to change.

As if you need any more reasons not to eat McDonald's French fries, the toxic mixture used to make them -- specifically a flavoring agent in the cooking oil the company uses -- includes wheat and dairy products that can create big problems for patients with allergies or gluten sensitivity.

Here's the problem: McDonald's just added the advisory this month, after claiming for years their French fries were dairy- and gluten-free (a response to new FDA rules that require the presence of wheat, peanuts, milk, fish and eggs in foods to be disclosed).

Makes you wonder if McDonald's and other fast-food chains have used the publicity/ruse of introducing healthy alternatives just to take the attention off the rest of their health-harming products...

Yahoo News February 14, 2006

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