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Fast Food Beverages Might Be Worse Than Toilet Water

I've warned you for the longest time about soft drinks, the sugary fuel that's displaced white bread as the leading source of calories and ignited the obesity epidemic in America. You may not know soft drinks -- specifically those dispensed through a fountain and filled with ice in fast food restaurants and convenience stores -- may expose your body to more health-harming bacteria than toilet water.

That's the disturbing result from a science project conducted by a Tampa, Fla., seventh grader who compared the amount of bacteria in ice served in soft drinks to samples of toilet water from the same restaurants.

After testing samples from five restaurants near the University of South Florida, the ice in soft drinks contained more bacteria than toilet water in 70 percent of the cases. Moreover, the ice from three restaurants was contaminated with E. coli bacteria, because ice makers may not have been cleaned properly or workers used their hands to fill ice machines.

Just one more reason to stay away from fast-food restaurants altogether and drink clean, fresh water whenever you can.

Even though consuming soft drinks contributes to major health problems, it remains difficult for many patients to curtail, especially considering sodas are marketed to children and sold everywhere from elementary schools to health clubs.

TBO.com February 13, 2006

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