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How the Media CONSTANTLY Confuses You With Misinformation

I love science and the scientific method as it frequently allows you to understand foundational truth about life and nature. However, there are some serious potential problems with the scientific method. If your underlying assumptions about an experiment are flawed, the results of the study will be absolutely worthless.

That is precisely what happened with this comprehensive and very expensive government funded study about the value of food on your health detailed in today's New York Times. They reached the ABSURD conclusion that diet has virtually no influence on your health.

Why? Because they are 100 percent clueless about a foundational truth of health: Each of us has an individual biochemical unique nutritional type and there is no perfect diet for everyone.

Moreover, some experts believe, again very wrongly, no matter how hard you try, you can't change your eating habits all that much, almost as if you were born to be obese.

If you want to make an immediate and positive impact on your health inexpensively and safely today, I strongly urge you to consider my professional online nutritional typing test that medical professionals use.

Just to be very clear, nutritional typing is a scientific system of customized nutrition developed from studying the major body control systems and based on the clinical observations of hundreds of practitioners working with more than 60,000 people over the past quarter-century. Simply put, nutritional typing represents a revolutionary change in how you eat for a lifetime, and not the latest passing fad.

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