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The False Promise of GM Crops Never Realized

Perhaps, consumers are more concerned about the blight of genetically modified (GM) crops than I thought, based on the reactions of experts questioned in this excellent piece in today's New York Times.

Despite the best efforts of manufacturers to develop Frankenstein-like crop concoctions, many large corporations have been slow to warm to GM products, thanks to consumer groups as well as business, technical and legal obstacles.

For example, a group of U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists created a "non-allergenic" soybean four years ago that was eventually shelved because baby food companies wouldn't use it to manufacture their own naturally harmful soy formulas.

Those setbacks haven't stopped companies like Monsanto and DuPont from developing new products, however, including Vistive, a soybean oil now being used by Kellogg to remove trans fats from some of their products.

Even though the launch of new GM crops, foods and products may be slowing somewhat, don't forget roughly 75 percent of all the processed foods you see at your corner store contain some GM ingredients.

With that in mind, I urge you to read a detailed list of tips I posted last summer to protect your health and steer clear of GM products for good.

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