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Consumers Becoming Wary of Teflon

Now that the EPA has called for a ban, albeit voluntary, on the production of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the chemical used to make the non-stick coating Teflon, how have average consumers reacted to the news?

I'd say very concerned, based on the reactions collected in this interesting Los Angeles Times piece. That's very understandable, considering some 70 percent of the cookware sold in America comes with some sort of non-stick coating.

Of course, that didn't stop DuPont from buying pricey full-page ads in USA Today, the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, hoping to change your minds about Teflon toxicity. However, calling attention to the problem by defending a product, experts say, can have the opposite effect of creating a new concern that was never present in the first place.

Because the PFOA ban is merely a voluntary one, for now, I urge you take matters into your own hands today by removing every Teflon-coated pan you own from your home. If you're not convinced and want an example of how PFOA can harm your health, I urge you to review Gary Craig's account of treating a long-standing health problem by getting rid of his tainted cookware.

Los Angeles Times February 14, 2006 Registration Required

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